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Yusp is a self-service 
recommender system that aims to bring 
Gravity's machine learning power 
to SMEs.

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Gravity R&D is a technology expert serving omnichannel recommendations for major clients on 5 continents

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Moments of Truth can be significantly influenced by microlocation-based personal offers. Check out this brand new infographic to learn more!
Great news – Gravity’s recommendation engine is now available on Magento! Until now our services were provided only to enterprises, but with this important step, Gravity’s recommendation plugin will be available to smaller e-commerce players as well. Since Magento is a widely used platform, our…
It’s safe to say that “omnichannel” was one of the biggest buzzwords of 2014. We’ve seen retailers embracing the omnichannel and utilizing solutions that merge online and offline activities, but the approach has also been spreading...
We recently launched our brand new SME solution called Yusp which is an easy to administer, SaaS based, out-of-the-box recommendation engine. By installing Yusp, you opt in to harness the analytic power of Gravity’s proprietary, patented recommender algorithms matching in sophistication to those…


Gravity's award winning recommendation engine is perfect for personalizing your website's user experience.
Several studies show that people are more interested in personalized offers than cookie-cutter solutions, which is especially true for loyalty programs. Gravity provided analytics and technology to …
supply chain
Gravity has developed a solution to personalize the supply chain of a large multinational fast moving consumer goods company by improving their store clustering. Gravity’s recommendation system…

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