The personalisation solution for websites

We help our clients increase revenue through personalized user engagement.

We believe your customers are important and deserve unique treatment from you. They should be served on a one-on-one basis, as if we were their personal shopping assistant on your site. Gravity RECO chooses which content (products, news, ads) should appear for a particular customer, based on user behavior, interest and keyword. Using Gravity means more relevant content for the user, higher KPIs such as CTR, Page Views, Ad Views and Conversion Increases. All these directly translates into more revenue for you.


To avoid irrelevance and boring content, every communication is automatically optimized for the individual. We automatically create unique profiles for every user and serve them with hyper-relevant, targeted content. We drive user activation, retention and overall provide an awesome user experience.


  • WEBSITE RECOMMENDATIONS: Working like a personal shopper on your site, recommending the products your customers will most likely to buy.
  • SMART EMAILS: Integrating to your email marketing software, send emails exactly when your customers will read them, with the exact products they want to buy - without involving IT.
  • PERSONALIZED RETARGETING: Re-engage and convert high-intent prospects with personalized banners on sites you advertise on.
  • POWERFUL ANALYTICS AND CUSTOMER INSIGHT: The derived intelligence from RECO is goldmine. You are empowered to use the new, invaluable customer intelligence in any part of your organization.
  • PROMOTIONS AND SOCIAL OFFERS: Time-sensitive offers encourage customers to invite their friends to your site.
  • DYNAMICALLY CHANGING LANDING PAGES: Unlimited number of custom landing pages generated in realtime, automatically – the moment a visitor hits your site from a search engine.
  • SMART SEARCH: Anticipate visitor queries as they begin to type them, rank search results based on what they are most likely to buy.
  • Revenue increase: Depending on your business model, you can expect revenue to jump 5-26% thanks to personalizing your website with RECO. Does that sound too good to be true? We'd love to prove it to you in an A/B test where we go head-to-head against any other personalization solution - or no personalization solution.
  • Up to 400% increase in CTR on item offers. It makes sense - if your offering fits their taste, they'll click.
  • Increased user engagement and loyalty:When your visitors and customers get great recommendations instead of having to hunt menus and category lists, they will be happier and more proactive. They come back for more, instead of leaving frustrated to a competitor's site.