Why Gravity R&D?

If you're evaluating recommendation or personalization platforms for your business, take a look at how Gravity stands out from the crowd.

Omni-market potential

Gravity R&D serves multiple sales channels - both online and offline. Our platform has proven to be marketers' and product managers' best friend in several fields of online businesses including classified media, auctions, e-shops, dating, daily deal, streaming and social networks. The great results Gravity clients enjoy come not only from the sleek platform and solid architecture. A major part is due to the team's experience across several markets; and as we all know, good things happen when best practices are adopted from other industries. They even win Gravity and its clients international innovation awards.

Adaptively learning algorithms

If you opt for Gravity R&D's solutions, you can count on your personalization system to automatically "get smarter" over time. Gravity R&D’s robust, scalable, and flexible algorithms adatively profile your customers' wants and needs with recommended products, services, and/or user experiences that fit individual personal tastes. Thus, our platform integrates with your existing systems to maximize revenue and click-throughs. Whether you are interested in customer acquisition, growth, or retention, Gravity R&D’s platform learns and improves with every single interaction. Our client portfolio includes an Alexa Top 50 client, which proves that our algorithm handles mission-critical quality and speed in recommendations (6000 recommondations/second during peak times). For websites, it's generally good to have at least 1000 items available for recommendations and a user base of at least 100 000. Above this level is where the fun starts for us, and where you will see virtually immediate returns on your investment.

Scientific Excellence

Science is the ghost in the machine in a personalization platform, so scientific excellence matters. Gravity R&D was founded by a core group of scientists with proven results in the field. Awards  include: [1] tied for first place in Netflix Prize (as the „Ensemble Team” beating Netflix’s engine by 10+%) and [2] KDD Cup Winner (2006 and runner-up in 2005). Today the team comprises mostly PhDs grounded in data mining, machine learning and collaborative filtering. Finally, with 200+ peer-reviewed published articles and an active role in the ACM - the most prestigous conference on recommendation engines - the Gravity R&D team excels on any platform or screen and will do so 2, 5 and 10 years from now. 

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